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"My business has flourished over the past two years since Junny came on board as my VA. Before, I was drowning in small tasks that were consuming my working hours. Junny has lightened my load, freeing me up to be the content creator that I am.

Junny has been assisting me since July 2019 with all aspects of running my online coaching business and membership site. From social media scheduling, to overseeing my email inbox, to website and mailing list maintenance, to overseeing all admin and customer relations for my membership site. I fully trust Junny to handle whatever I hand over to her. She’s professional, polite, and a super fast learner. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking for a top-notch Virtual Assistant."

Kelly Pietrangeli, Project Me

Online membership owner, author and podcaster.

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"It has been a pleasure working with Junny! From the start I was impressed with her strong communication skills and her attention to detail. She made my work so much easier! I highly recommend her.

Before I hired a VA I was struggling with how time consuming the tech side of things can be. I was spending too much time figuring out how to accomplish small but important tasks. Finally I realized hiring someone would save me the time and eliminate the stress of it all. That's exactly what hiring Junny did for me. I recommend Junny to other people all the time. She is totally reliable and an excellent communicator."

Heather Mrak, Baby's Best Brain

Neurodevelopment Trainer & Course Creator

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Before I hired Junny I was literally "doing it all" which lead me to be stressed out and doing things in my business I hated doing and wasn't the best at. I am a Mom of a 12 year old and one year old, Bridal Hair Educator and entrepreneur with multiple online programs. I had all the creative ideas and plans for new ventures, with barely any time to build and fully execute them! I decided I needed someone to take over and help me with the backend of my business, so I could show up where it mattered most on social media and teaching live and in-person classes.


At first, I just had Junny help me out with building out another online program and then she made me realize over time how I needed her for more and more tasks which help my business run and thrive. She continually helps me in times when I needed guidance, and gives me incredible support and referrals when needed.


If you are thinking about hiring a VA but not sure what you would have them do...just start with one thing you don't enjoy doing/don't have time for and then see what it blossoms into! I cannot imagine running my business without her!

Renee Marie, Bridal Hair Styling Academy

Bridal Hair Educator and Entrepreneur

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Hiring Junny to support us in running The Tapping Collective has been such a blessing. 


Beforehand we were overwhelmed with admin and tasks that were very necessary but taking up a lot of time, and some tasks (like video editing) that we just weren't skilled to do. 


We've now passed those to Junny who is able to get things done in less time than it took us, and to a great standard. She's also incredibly friendly, warm and professional.


It's felt like such a relief and weight off of our shoulders knowing that things will just happen when we pass them over.


Junny is our first outside hire in the business and it did feel a bit scary to let go of some of the tasks we were used to doing ourselves, but it's absolutely paid off and I'd encourage anyone thinking about hiring Junny to go for it.

Zandra Spencer, The Tapping Collective

EFT Tapping Practitioner and co-runner of The Tapping Collective

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I found Junnette as I was preparing to launch my digital course. She was able to answer every question I had about Kajabi, provide recommendations, and create workarounds when needed. There's absolutely no way I could've done it without her. I've worked with many VA's, and Junnette is truly the best I've found. I would recommend her to long as she reserves time for me! 

Sunny Logsdon, Rise+Repeat

Marketing Fixer

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Junny is the best thing to happen to my business all year!! I had tried several types of VAs before - both in the US and abroad - and always had terrible experience.... and then I met Junny! 


She is super reliable, communicative, honest, creative, resourceful and fun to work with. I feel so supported and want to integrate her into ALL areas of my business. Having her as part of my team is a GAME-CHANGER. 


If you're considering working with Junny, go for it. You won't be sorry. She is THE BEST OF THE BEST!!

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Brooke Estin, The Creative Amplifier

Brand Strategist + Business Coach

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