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Password Managers (Top 5 List for 2021)

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Password-sharing applications or known as password managers are well-known nowadays. Why? We are already in a digital era or information age moving forward from traditional industry. It is mainly described by the present technologies. Software that we use on our mobile phones, and on our computers is part of it.

So, let’s dive in! Why use a password manager? It lets you remember your password easier and access your accounts faster, aside from that it will help you generate strong passwords. The stronger the password is the more secure your account will be. This kind of software is usually used by people like Virtual Assistants who are managing multiple accounts.

Here’s a list of the 5 Best Password Managers you can try for free:

1. Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault

Best for Cross-Platform Secure Management picked by

  • Has two-factor authentication

  • Secured password sharing

  • Apps and browser has good design

2. True Key by Intel Security

Best for Multiple Authentication picked by

  • Has multi-factor authentication

  • Synced password for both computers and android phones

  • Dependent operation even without master password

3. LastPass

Best for Ease-of-Use picked by

  • Supports multiple platform and browsers

  • Reports password strength

  • Monitoring Tools for dark web

4. Dashlane

Best for Security-Focused Extras picked by

  • Advanced password management features

  • VPN protection

  • Scans Dark web for compromised accounts

5. Bitwarden

picked by

  • Affordable

  • Generates TOTP codes for two-factor authentication supporting sites

  • Supports popular platforms and browsers

My Pick goes to Dashlane! Here’s why:

  1. It has a cheap annual fee of $39/year

  2. You can store unlimited passwords, secure notes, a few personal information you can use to fill out online forms, card information, and a record of receipts!

  3. Security is great! You cannot log in without verifications, and it lets the user know for every new login from another device. No wonder it is picked by PCMag for security-focused extras. It has security alerts for compromised passwords in cases of a data breach. I found out, one of my passwords from a really old reading software was breached. I was not using it anymore. It is great to know and I deleted my account from the app because I wasn’t really using it anymore.

  4. Dashlane let’s you know if you have reused a password and prompts you to come up with a new, more secure password.

  5. It has VPN features that allows you to browse safely even in WiFi hotspots

  6. It has a password generator. (Very handy!)

  7. Cross-platform usage between mobile application and desktop both the app or browser extension

  8. Their password-sharing feature lets you share up to 5 passwords for a free account and lets you pick between 2 levels of access when sharing. First is full rights over the password or limited rights where you can log in via Dashlane but can’t view or copy the password.

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